On Site Service:

ESS VanESS provides service and installation to customers from coast to coast with a network of highly qualified technicians that offer localized Equipment and Repair Services.

To arrange for an on site service call or installation, contact us at (615) 340-9033 or please email us.

You can access our Online Trouble Ticket Form for Drive-thru, Motorola 2-way,  CCTV, Sound System, On-site Service, Equipment Repair, Messaging Pick-up Requests or any other variety of General Requests. Thank you very much for your interest. We will continue to work very hard to meet your specific needs.

Headset Repair Request Form

Do you need your headsets repaired? Complete the form to get your headsets picked up by UPS and sent to our repair shop. (An email confirmation will be sent that we received your request.) Click here to begin the REQUEST FORM.

Note: If you need a loaner headset please be sure to state that information on the form. Limit Only 2 per customer and Pending availability.

At ESS, we repair all makes and models of drive-thru communications equipment. We are also an authorized service provider (repair depot) for Fast Track drive-thru timing systems.

If you would like to ship us something for repair, please enclose a note in the box with your name, address, phone number and an explanation of the problem. Also, be sure to keep a record of your shipping information (so that it can be tracked if necessary) and be sure to insure your package.

We do offer monthly service plans if you would like that option (no contract required), but it is also perfectly okay to pay as you go. The majority of our customers do that, and we are all about doing whatever makes our customers happiest.

ESS also offers advanced replacements of defective equipment to help you get working equipment to your store more quickly. No other repair company has an advance replacement program as affordable and reasonable as ours. Please contact us for details.

If you are in the Davidson County or Central Tennessee area, you are welcome to come by our office. We often fix items while customers wait. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us (615) 340-9033 or email us.