Radio StationHave you ever wished you had your own radio station with your own commercial messages? ESS can make it happen. If you need to get an audio message across to your customers ESS can help whether it is while they are on hold or when they are browsing in your store.

With the messaging services available from ESS, you can completely customize, update, and rotate your message campaigns to say exactly what your customers need to know when they need to know it. Messaging can be a key component of your overall marketing strategy. If you are not using messaging for your business, you could be missing countless opportunities to up sell, add on sales, increase customer satisfaction and increase repeat business.

Our experienced team can write, direct, and record a professional message campaign for you, or we can utilize messages that you provide to implement a comprehensive messaging program. You are in control of your brand. We are here to help you engage with your target audience and increase your sales in the process.

Our services include:

Professional Script Writing

Professional Engineering & Production

In-Store Audio Message Marketing

On-Hold Audio Message Marketing

In-Store Video Message Marketing (Digital Signage)

BulletMobile Message Marketing

Read below for specific information on the benefits of these services:

In-Store Messaging:

“With an average of 30% increased sales from audio messaging, a store’s sales are significantly impacted.”

“66% of all purchasing decisions are made on impulse at the point-of-purchase. 53% of those purchases are impulse buys.”
-Point-Of-Purchase Advertising Institute and Business & Finance

“Among those who recall hearing Point-Of-Purchase Audio while grocery shopping, 41% say they made a purchase they were not planning to make after hearing the message. 36% have purchased a brand different from the one they intended to buy after hearing Point-Of-Purchase Audio.

Of the primary household shoppers surveyed, 25% think that Point-Of-Purchase Audio would influence their buying decisions.

Seven in ten shoppers who recall hearing Point-Of-Purchase Audio have a positive attitude toward retail audio advertising and find the announcements to be somewhat or very helpful to their shopping experience.”
-Arbitron Retail Media Study

On-Hold Messaging:

“Without messages or music nearly 60% of business callers placed on hold will hang up, almost 30% of these callers won’t call back.”

In-Store Video Marketing:

“29% of participating retailers said they currently used in-store video with another 20% reporting that they had considered it. The top retailers using in-store video at 40% each were Home Furnishing stores and Department stores. They were followed closely by Hardware/Gift stores at 36.4%. 30% of Bookstores reported using in-store video, along with 20% of Shoe stores, and 15% of Apparel stores. The uses of video in the stores include music videos (34.5%), promotions and give-aways (26.9%), company advertising (223.1%), video tapes (23.1%), and fashion (7.7%).

Among those who use video in their stores, it was the smaller stores of less than 5,000 square feet who agreed that it was an important element in their store atmosphere, with over 57% of them agreeing strongly. Over 80% of all retailers who used video agreed strongly or agreed somewhat that visual imaging is important to their in-store environment.”
-2004 study by Leo J Shapiro and Associates

Mobile Message Marketing:

“Nearly 3 billion mobile coupons will be issued to mobile users and just under $7 billion in discounts redeemed by 2011. [By 2011] more than $87 billion in sales will be generated by those mobile coupons.”

“A recent survey of over 2,250 U.S. adult Internet users, commissioned by Honeywell and conducted by Harris Interactive, found that nearly half (46%) who own a mobile phone are somewhat likely to try out mobile coupons. With 90% of adults owning a mobile phone, it’s not an opportunity to be sniffed at.

And it’s not just consumers in lower income brackets that are using coupons. According to the survey, the highest number of coupon users earn $50K and above. Perhaps mobile is the medium which will further transform coupons from embarrassing scraps of paper, shiftily passed over at checkouts, in to an in-demand marketing tool.”
–, Feb. 4th, 2010

Reinforce your brand image and increase profits!!!!

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