Background & Foreground Music Service:

All music services provided by ESS include all music performance rights for use in your business. Please contact us with any inquiries at (615) 340-9033 or email us


Mixhits Radio has over 25 years experience in both radio and background music programming. Blending a mix of family friendly music that makes sense for your business. From Bach to Rock, Mixhits Radio has the right music to create the perfect atmosphere for every type of business. You can find help with your MixHits player here.

PDF_iconMixhits Radio Formats 2018-10.pdf

Play Network Logo v2Play Network provides on-premise music players with exceptionally good programming at a very competitive price. There are multiple service options that can meet the needs of any business. Play Network also provides additional services such as video, messaging and podcasts. If you need to access technical documents and equipment manuals for the Play Network service, please click here. If you require additional information about Play Network services, please contact us.

DMX IconDMX delivers award winning music programming and messaging services to businesses everywhere via satellite, internet and CD. The programming is specifically compiled for use in a business environment. You can see what is playing on DMX right now. DMX has a myriad of music formats so you can find one that is perfect for the image you wish to project for your business customers. For current channel lists and manuals, click here.

American Music Environments IconAME is the most versatile and customizable music system available today. You have complete control over what music tracks are played and when. AME also gives you the same control over audio messaging for in-store and on-hold applications. With the system interface program, you can control the AME system yourself, or the friendly personnel at ESS will be delighted to assist you.


Sirius music for business is delivered via the exciting new satellite radio technology. Sirius delivers over 60 music channels for business in a very cost effective way. If you need channel lists and manuals, click here.