ESS Speaker Sound System

Sound Systems and Music can enhance the atmosphere of your business. It is all about sensory perception and attitude. When a patron walks into your place of business there is a certain “feel” you would like them to receive. ESS can partner with you to provide the environment that you want everyone to feel. In turn, all of this allows your customers a way to recognize your brand. Keep in mind, if music can enhance the atmosphere, then the sound system is the channel for that enhancement.

•Custom Design, Installation and Service

•For Music and/or Paging

•Speakers, Amps, Mics, Volume Controls & more

•PA Systems, Stadium and/or Mobile units

•Quality Products, Quality Service, Quality Solutions

A correctly engineered sound system is the difference between your visitors feeling relaxed, comfortable and welcomed versus tense, restless and perhaps even annoyed or irritated. Here at ESS, we take these systems very serious. We understand that a good sound system can make or break a business, especially within the first few months of opening. Even if you do not realize it, it can and it has.

We will measure all considerations when designing a sound system that most just will not. Things such as, square footage, ceiling height, room layout, room acoustics, number of speakers and more, but most importantly, your wants and needs for the system itself.

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