ESS logoESS is one of the top companies in the nation when it comes to sales, service and installation of drive-thru communications systems and accessories. We are the very best at service – which is critical to your business in a drive-thru restaurant operation. Below is a list of our primary product lines. We carry many other items as well (far too numerous to list here). If you need something that is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help!


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3M Logo3M Communications Products – headsets, intercoms, audio greeters and more! 3M is well known for innovation and state of the art technology. ESS has been a proud 3M dealer for over 40 years. Click here for more information on 3M communications products. If you are looking for information on 3M’s new XT-1 all digital headset, please click here!


HME EOSHME – drive thru headsets and timer systems – Check out the exciting new EOS HD headset! HME also produces high quality digital beltpack systems as well as the ZOOM drive thru management system.



Panasonic Ideas LogoPanasonic Headset Systems – Solidly built beltpacks and all-in-one headset systems. Attune is the current digital headset system, but ESS is also able to service legacy products such as the Ultraplex II.


Hyperactive Technologies Logo


Hyperactive Technologies – including the QTimer drive thru timing system with its powerful POS interface and Hyperview Order Confirmation Displays. Made in the USA!



Fast Track Main Unit 2000


Phase Research “Fast Track” drive-thru timing systems – the most versatile and powerful drive-thru timing system around! Click here for more information on Fast Track Drive-Thru Timers.



We install and service a full range of Techknow drive-thru equipment including Outdoor pre-sell and digital menu boards, Order Confirmation systems as well as Wireless or Standard Timers, which can offer Remote Management and Analytics. Click here for more information.

Closed Circuit Television


Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) – If you need to monitor your drive-thru with video, we can help. A variety of cameras, DVRs and more can keep your drive thru running efficiently and your employees, customers and profits more secure.



Vehicle Detection Systems – loops, loop detectors, sonars and even the simple air-hose systems – we have what you need!

Communications system parts and supplies – pads, batteries, printer paper, spare parts for all makes and models of headsets & drive-thru intercoms – If you need it, just ask!

Order Confirmation Systems – installation and service for Everbrite, Delphi, Texas Digital and Hyperactive Hyperview order confirmation systems

If you have questions about any of these items, please call us at (615) 340-9033 or email us. We will be delighted to help.

If you need repairs, click here for more info! We do repairs in house (ship in or while you wait) and on site service too! If you need help, please contact us!