PAR Technologies recently acquired the entirety of the 3M Drive-Thru product line. This entire line of products are well known for innovation in a variety of industries. For drive-thru restaurants and convenience store applications, they provide the best overall series of wireless headsets, intercoms and accessories available. Furthermore, 3M provides superior customer support. Perhaps we are rather biased since we have been their dealer for 40 years now, but we had many other options over the years, and we have chosen to stick with 3M. A list of major products is below. Please check back often because we will continue to add to this listing. If you require additional information, please contact us.


ESS Nashville services all 3M headset products with genuine PAR Technologies Parts, insuring exceptional quality and functionality in all of our repaired products.


ESS Nashville is an authorized dealer of the most advanced PAR Technologies G5 Headset Products. Please contact us to learn more them or download a brochure.


XT1 HeadsetThe first fully digital headset system for drive-thru (others say they are digital, but they are NOT fully digital) the XT-1 is an extraordinary development in drive-thru communications that will revolutionize how your drive-thru works and is serviced. If you would like a quote on the state of the art XT-1, click here to contact us. Click here to download a brochure.



C1060 HeadsetThe C1060 is the tried and true industry leader. With sound quality superior to the competition and proven reliability, this is a great headset for your restaurant. It is compatible with earlier model base stations (C960, C760, etc.) so you can affordably upgrade to these lighter weight units. To see a C1060 brochure, click here. To see the results of a study comparing the sound quality of the C1060 to competitive systems, click here. If you need manuals, troubleshooting, tip sheets or other technical assistance, click here.


3M D15No other drive-thru communications product has had a track record like the RDM D15. It is the clear leader among hardwired drive thru intercoms. Nothing is more durable and long lasting. If you need a simple intercom that will serve you well as either your primary drive-thru communications system or as a backup to your wireless headsets, the D15 is for you! To download a brochure, click here. If you need manuals or troubleshooting, click here.


3M Audio GreeterDo you need a way to ensure that your customers are greeted at the drive-thru promptly, clearly and consistently? Do you want to provide customers information on your latest promotions? The Drive-Thru Audio Greeter is an easy to use and versatile solution. To see how the greeter works, click here. For information and pricing, please contact us.